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 PMI helps assist with Utilities,  Rent, Deposit, Eye Exams,  Medications, Eye glasses, food  baskets, clothing, fire  victims and care packs.

For over 4 years Sharon Johnson, Founder of this Non Profit Organization, has devoted time and Energy helping the hungry and needy in the community. Our mission is to help the distressed and underprivileged in our community. Our organization would not be able to assist these families without your financial support.

 PMI is working hard everyday to  help assist those in need. We  appreciate all donations and  volunteers that has helped us  along the way. 

 Find how you can contribute to  the future of someone in need  through donation of money and  time.

​​Welcome          “Your ability to see will never broaden when you only see yourself.” 
                                                                                                         ― Shannon L. Alder

​​Thank you for your support :) ​

​​​ PMI would like to thank all those that follow us on Facebook ,Twitter and Google. We at PMI feel no one should have to be  hungry, or Homeless, and every one should have clothes and  shoes to wear. Please contact  us for more information 859-225-1422.  Continue to follow PMI as we strive to make our  community stronger and better, and remember you can  help make a difference in someones life with just a small  donations.  God Bless You!!

People Matter Inc.

Our vision is to strenghten and build unity in our community.